Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mango Plant !!!!!!!

Last year I planted a seed from a store bought apple & it sprouted!!! When it grew almost 5-6 inches in height, we had to move & I passed on the plant to a very good friend of my mother. Unfortunately she had to go out of town for a longer period of time & the plant died. Even if it would have grown well I guess it would be difficult for a single apple tree to produce fruit. From what I understand, an apple tree requires cross- pollination to produce fruit. So there must atleast 2 trees near each other for the pollination to occur & for fruits to be produced.

But in tha case of a mango, I read that one tree can produce fruit. I decided to try & plant a mango seed.

I used a store bought mango. After peeling & using the pulp, I carefully washed & cleaned the pit. Using a butter knife, I carefully split open the hard shell (outer cover) of the mango pit. Inside was a big bean-like seed.

I planted this seed into a medium sized pot filled with potting mix. After watering generously, I covered the mouth of the pot with plastic wrap & used an elastic to hold it in place. Covering with the plastic wrap will create a greenhouse effect & help the seedling sprout faster. Take care to keep the soil moist at all times & then cover again with the plastic wrap till the seedling emerges from the soil.

Now my plant is almost 8-10 inches tall.

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