Monday, July 2, 2012

From container to ground

I've been growing veggies in containers for the last 2 yrs. From this year we have some ground to work with & made a little vegetable garden patch.

After many days of hard work & getting rid of some of the lawn, we finally managed to get some of the plants into the ground. We used some garden soil & compost as suggested by the person at the nearest garden center.
& also used dried grass clippings to mulch the plants.

The seeds were planted into small peat pots & later transferred into yogurt containers this spring. Most of them started to outgrow their containers....& some of them dried out completely & died. So, I planted whatever was left of my spring container garden & sowed other seeds directly into the ground. We'll hopefully get some good produce before the end of the season.

First  flower  on my  Bell Pepper plant

Cucumber  Plants

Mango  (still  in a  container)
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