Monday, September 24, 2012

My veggie patch & a rabbit!!!

Guess what I found inside my fenced in (with chicken wire) vegetable patch when we came back after a 2 day vacation - a baby rabbit!!!!
I was eager to see the changes/developments on my plants after ignoring them for two days & what do i see?  A little bunny scampering inside my vegetable patch. I wonder how it got in there. We have protected our vegetable patches with 2 ft high chicken wire, but I guess it found a small gap & burrowed under the wire to get in there. It took us almost 20-30 mins to get it out of there. We didnt want to touch it coz it was a wild rabbit & we were not sure how safe it would be to touch them....kept chasing it till in desperation it jumped & climbed over the chicken wire & escaped.(didnt get a pic of the rabbit...we just wanted it out of the patch ASAP!!!)

Anyway, am glad none of my plants were harmed, neither was the rabbit. The only idea was to get it out unharmed so that it wouldn't damage any of my plants.
But am happy to have got a good produce from my plants in these days.

Sharing some pics...

Asian  String  Beans


Ist ripe tomato of the season

Bittergourds in the making

Yesterday's pick - Sep 23rd

Today's pick - Sep 24th

Garlic Patch 
Green Bell Peppers


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