Monday, March 16, 2015

Get rid of Mealy-Bugs the Organic Way

A lot of us have trouble with mealy-bugs attacking our plants...I have a lot of them on my veggie plants..
Mealybugs are insects found in moist, warm climates. They are considered pests as they feed on plant juices of greenhouse plants, house plants and subtropical trees and also act as a vector for several plant diseases.
Mealybugs occur in all parts of the world. Most occur naturally only in warmer parts, and get introduced into greenhouses and other buildings in cooler countries.
I have tried spraying them with neem oil spray...but with no result.
Recently, my aunt suggested this remedy which seems to work. I hope this remedy will be useful to all of you dealing with the same problem.
The 2 things shown in the pic -
Kaandhari Mulakku ( also known as "Bird's eye Chilli") is a very small but spicy chilli.
Grind the 2 ingredients together & mix them with kanji vellam (water drained from boiled rice).( Kanji Vellam is starchy & sticky. It will help this mixture stay on the plant.)
Strain the mixture of ground kaandhari chilli, garlic & kanji vellam & spray on the infected plants (mainly the stems & underside of leaves)
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