Recycle - Reuse - Go Green !!!

* Composting is the best way to Recyle - Reuse & Go Green. It also organically provides rich nutrients to your soil. You can use all kinds of kitchen waste like - vegetable & fruit peels, crushed egg shells, coffee grinds, used tea leaves, cuttings from end of green leafy vegetables & herbs (like cilantro & spinach). Other things to be used in your compost pile are grass clippings & dried leaves & plants from your garden.

* Use grass clippings from your lawn to mulch your plants. They will keep the soil moist & gradually break down into compost.

*  Re-use yoghurt/sour cream/whipped topping or other store bought containers to plant your crops indoors. Use a heated fork or knife to punch a few holes at the bottom of the container for drainage. This way you can start the plants atleast a month ahead of time (they will have more room to grow) & transplant them when the weather gets warm.

* An old thin cloth can spread across your vegetable patch as a weed barrier. This can be used in place of the weed block landscape fabric available in stores

* Re-use your tea leaves by grinding them & mixing them to the top layer of your soil.  Tea leaves are very rich in nitrogen & contain a lot of different micro nutrients that help enrich the soil.

* Crushed egg shells provide calcium to tomato & pepper plants. They also keep insects & pests away.

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